Act Now! Contact Gov. Cuomo on Bereavement Leave Bill

Weigh in Now with Governor Cuomo to oppose addition of Bereavement Leave to NYS Paid Family Leave Law!

On Wednesday, June 20, the New York State Legislature passed an amendment to the state’s Paid Family Leave Act (PFL), adding “bereavement leave” as a qualifying reason for leave. The amendment will grant virtually all private-sector employees partially-paid, fully-protected leave following the passing of a family member. Employers should note that the amendment will not immediately impact their PFL program; if signed into law, the bereavement leave amendment will not take effect until January 1, 2020. The state’s Paid Family Leave Act went into effect on January 1, 2018.  Visit PIA’s Legislative Action Center to contact Gov. Cuomo regarding this bill.

Currently, eligible employees may take PFL for three qualifying reasons: (1) to provide care for a family member with a serious health condition, (2) to bond with their newly born or adopted child, and (3) to attend to a qualifying exigency arising out of a family member’s military service. The amendment would add a fourth qualifying reason for leave: “leave taken for the purposes of bereavement due to the death of a family member.”

The amendment will require employees to provide notice of bereavement leave “as soon as practicable.” In cases where an employee’s family member passes away while the employee was providing care, the employee will be able to immediately transition their remaining PFL time to bereavement leave. The amendment passed with significant bipartisan support, sponsored in the State Assembly by Democrat Joe Morelle and in the State Senate by Republican Rich Funke. The amount of leave and cash benefits under PFL will increase annually until 2021. Assuming the bereavement leave amendment is signed, as-is, by Governor Cuomo, eligible employees will be able to take 10 weeks of bereavement leave starting in 2020, while receiving 60% of their average weekly wage.

This bill currently rests with Governor Andrew Cuomo who can either veto or sign the bill into law. Many business groups, including Print & Graphic Communications Association, have expressed their opposition to the bill.

If you act immediately, you can as well!

Visit PIA’s Legislative Action Center and weigh in!  A sample letter has been prepared for your use in contacting Governor Cuomo on this issue.

Contact me if you have any questions.

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