Are You Using Content Marketing to Gain Consumers’ Attention?

Content marketing drives consumers to your brand by enticing them with engaging, valuable or even entertaining content.  The content is not brand-centric, it’s customer-centric — which is the reason people are seeking out the information.

For example, if you own a running shop and you maintain a blog about valuable running tips, race locations and general healthy living options, your target audience of runners will seek out that information.  Once they’ve landing on your page and read your information, your goal is to get them to sign up for newsletters, bring them to your website or give them incentives to come to your shop.  By doing this you can build your database, follow up with leads and ultimately make a sale.

Content marketing is so popular because instead of being seen as an intrusive and interruptive form of communication, it’s seen as content the consumer desires and actively seeks it out — allowing your brand to ‘wait’ for its target audience to come to them.

Today, we are sharing a funny, yet in many ways a true depiction, of how content marketing evolved.  From the beginning of human existence to today!


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