ChoosePrint delivers the message on Print

Print delivers the message to the reader and not to the “Delete” file.

Saving trees by not using paper is the same as not eating bread to save wheat plants. Trees and wheat are naturally renewing resources using only the energy of the sun.

In the US, three times more paper is recycled than sent to landfills.

The Print, Paper, and Mail value chain supports 8.4 million US jobs.

87% of Americans polled say the main reason companies want to shift to electronic delivery is to save money, not be environmentally responsible. is now better than ever. It’s packed with lots of facts and case studies that can help you sell Print.  It also has tools and materials to strengthen your own marketing messages.  The first step is to check it out to see everything that it contains.  Then, put the tools and information to work! Need help?  Have questions?  Call me at 716-691-3211 or email at


Tim Freeman, President
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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