Creative Direct Mail Examples

Throughout the week we’ve discussed the power of print and direct mail — it’s ability to break through the digital clutter, engage your target audience and even increase the frequency of your message because of direct mail’s tendency to stay in a person’s house for longer time periods than most digital media.

Today, we’d like to share with you a few direct mail pieces that do a great job of not only cutting through the clutter, but each of these examples ultimately demand the full attention of their target audience.

This first campaign’s goal was simply to generate awareness for a cause — the technique certainly would get the attention of their intended audience.

Who wouldn’t pay attention to someone sending them money in the mail!  Not only does the mailer draw attention to itself because of the unique di-cut design and ‘money’ sticking out of the top, but it also has an easy to see and straight forward call-to-action.

Finally, this next mailer is interactive!  Without water, this mailer is just a blank sheet of paper.  This mailer’s objective was to help gain awareness for World Water Day.  What a great way to ensure you’re speaking to an engaged audience.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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