Cross Media Marketing

Each cross media marketing component used in cross media communication is valuable and each of the channel’s messages should complement one another to create one consistent overall message.  Cross media not only allows marketers to communicate on multiple levels through various communication channels, but it also enables consumers to respond using different avenues of communication — from print to online to mobile communication, a customer has multiple options to choose from, increasing the chance they’ll respond.  Through automation, marketers are able to collect their responses and generate a two-way dialogue with their target audience.

By understanding your target audience and segmenting your target market into smaller, more manageable groups with similar interests and buying habits, you can reduce the number of messages sent out by your brand.   Additionally, once you have collected, organized and analyzed your consumer data, the next step is to execute your plan and create personalized, relevant messages and send them to your audience through their preferred communication channels. Again, you can turn to your database to help you determine which communication methods are most successful in reaching your target audience.  Be it email, direct mail, online, social or mobile media, you can communicate with your audience through multiple touch points and by doing so you’re ensuring you engage your target audience.

Studies have credited personalized cross media marketing with the ability to increase your campaign response rates by five times that of a typical, generic marketing campaign, offering you higher conversion rates and ultimately improve your return on investments.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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