Cross Media Marketing & Your Brand

QR Codes can be used for many different reasons — whether you’re using them to gain new customers, keep existing customers or you’re simply trying to further engage your target audience, QR codes can add value to your marketing messages.  Today, we’re going to share with you a few tips on how to get the most out of your QR codes.

First and most importantly, content is truly king.  Make sure that the digital message is worth the time the user took to scan the code to visit your digital page.  You want your QR code to have a clearly defined benefit for the consumer, so that they are not disappointed they spent their time on something that is not of value to them.

For example, the QR code could instantly download your company’s contact information for B2B marketers or download a special offer or discount to their phone for B2C marketers –  or it could be even be an entertaining video.  It’s important to always keep the question “Why would scanning this code benefit my target audience?”

QR codes can help you keep consumers happy once they purchase your product too! Include a QR code that offers a video or tutorial on how to best utilize your product and even offer unique ways your product can be used by the consumer.  If the product has multiple uses, include that on the landing page of the QR code as well.  Place this informative QR code on instruction pages or simply on the product’s box.  By including a code, it shows your brand appreciates their business and goes that ‘extra mile’ to keep them happy with your brand.

Quick Response codes are growing in popularity as well.  A recent MGH study found that 72 percent of the surveyed respondents would be “somewhat to likely” to remember an advertisement that included a QR code and of the 65 percent of respondents who knew what a QR code was, 50 percent of them said they would be likely to scan the code.

QR codes offer an easy way for print and digital to work together to engage your audience and create happy and loyal customers.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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