Direct Mail and pURLs

Direct mail is a powerful communication tool as it not only has a high return on investment, but it also drives consumers to a brand’s web page and social sites. Furthermore, print continues to evolve and work well with its digital counterpart through the use of Quick Response codes, personalized URLs, Variable Data Printing and database management.  Today, we’re going to focus on including personalized URLs.

PURLs are a unique way to offer two-way communication between the consumer and your brand. Once they are on their PURL, offer them the opportunity to give their opinions, ask questions and make comments — and make sure you’re responding to them in an adequate time-period.  When you ask them to give their opinions and special requests, respond with interest to their communication and make the user feel like they’re chatting with a friend, not an organization.

PURLs offer an easy way to capture consumer information for future use. From the moment a user enters their personalized webpage you’re able to capture not only what they click on, but how long they spend with each individual piece of content.  Because of this, you can follow up with this user accordingly.  Whether they spent the most time reading about information about your new product or they simply looked through your deals and discounts — this gives you vital insight on how to follow up with that individual to make a future sale.

Personalization remains one of the most important ingredients in a cross media marketing mix.  By targeting a precise group of people with an individualized message you are able to cut your overall costs and  increase response rates because you’re communicating information that is most likely relevant to your message’s recipient.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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