Direct Mail Drives Business

In the next four years, the use of direct mail in marketing is expected to increase by 196 million dollars according to the 2013 DMA Statistical Handbook.  More and more marketers are investing in direct mail because of the return many companies are seeing when they use direct mail — specifically personalized direct mail.

Additionally, according to “The more you Know” blog, 88 percent of marketers plan to include direct mail in their marketing mix in the coming quarter — the highest of any form of marketing.  Website and Social Media Marketing came second to direct mail.

Direct mail is not only valuable in reaching out to loyal and current customers, but direct mail was also shown to be the best marketing tool to acquire new customers.  According to “The More You Know” study, respondents said that direct mail accounted for 34% of their new customer acquisition, followed by email with 25 percent new customer acquisition.

Furthermore, a US Advertisers Study showed the the average personalized direct mail piece will see a 1300 percent return on investment throughout its life cycle.  Finally, a Central Mail Study 2013, shows that 62 percent of responded preferred to hear from brands via direct mail over any other form of communication.

Print is powerful and print drives traffic and results for you brand.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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