Direct Mail: Effective and Impactful

Email addresses your consumer almost instantaneously and there is a relatively low cost associated with email marketing — but if your email is never opened and your message is not getting through to your target audience, even though ‘cheap,’ email may not be effective.  Direct mail has an 85 percent open rate — a number that has been steadily increasing over the past ten years — email open rates have actually decreased over the last decade by over 50 percent (DMA Study & Print is Big.)

Direct mail continues to grow because it evolves with the new digital media that is offered to businesses and consumers.  Technologies such as QR codes, pURLs and Variable Data Printing allow messages to be personalized, trackable and interactive.  Furthermore, direct mail that utilizes interactive technologies also see a higher return on investments – As about one in five people who scan a QR code will ultimately make a mobile purchase.   By offering both digital and print messages you’re able to see a higher reach and frequency.

Through the segmentation of your target audience you can pinpoint which groups of your audience would be more likely to respond to different messages and even when is the best time to send your message based on their past purchasing habits.

In addition to being highly targeted, direct mail is also highly measurable.  Whether you’re tracking how many people visit the pURL, scan the QR code or simply who uses a coupon or special offer associate with your direct mail piece.  You can quantify how effective your direct mail marketing campaign was and adjust accordingly for future mailings.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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