Direct Mail Statistics from the DMA

Direct mail is a powerful tool.  A few of the important factors to remember when creating your direct mail campaign are to use an accurate and up-to-date database, segment your database into groups with similar likes and purchasing habits and finally create an offer that is most relevant to the different segments you’ve created in your customer and potential customer database.  By abiding by theses simple guidelines, you’re more likely to see people respond to your call-to-action.

Throughout the past decade, direct mail has continually proved to be a powerful tool to be used to reach your customers and potential customers alike.  Today, we’re sharing a few of the Direct Mail Association statistics that show direct mail’s ability to reach your target audience, gain their attention and receive a strong response from your target audience.

The DMA Statistics showed:

– Seventy-three percent of people prefer direct mail over email messages from brands.

– The study also showed people are 31 percent less likely to discard unopened mail, than they are to discard unopened emails.

–  Forty-five percent of consumers found mail less intrusive and 60 percent of respondents said they enjoy receiving direct mail from brands they have relationships with.

–  The amount of direct mail ‘clutter’ is decreasing, with only 24 pieces of mail weekly per households (on average,) while the number of email messages from brands has been on a rapid increase.

Direct mail is scanned or read by over 85 percent of households.  Direct mail can be personalized through database management and variable data printing and because of this, you’re able to tailor your messages to each one of your database’s segments. The average person will see over 3,000 branded messages a day and through all the clutter, your message is read.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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