Direct Mail Works

Direct mail is a powerful form of communication.  Multiple studies have shown that the printed word is perceived by many to be more official and important — just one reason why people prefer to continue to receive hard copies of their bills, credit statements and important financial documents.

According to a May 2013 DMA Study, Direct mail still reigns supreme over other forms of communication,  with direct mail offering response rates 1.4% versus 0.03% for email, 0.04% for Internet display ads, and 0.22% for paid search.  Furthermore, personalizeddirect mail will see around 4.4 percent response rates.

Additionally, the study showed that 74 percent of consumers valued the direct mail that they received and deemed direct mail a ‘very effective’ form of communication.  For this reason, 88 percent of marketers surveyed planned to use the same amount or increase the amount of direct mail used in their marketing mix.

Finally, print does more than break through the clutter of digital messages.  It also drives a consumer to take action, as over 60 percent of online brand searches are influenced by a printed form of communication.  Whether the consumer’s action is to view a brand’s website or visit a store to redeem a coupon or discount –  response rates from direct mail are increasing.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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