Do Personalized Cross Media Campaigns See Higher ROI?

Cross media combines the power of print, mobile, online and social media together to ensure your brand’s message not only reaches your audience, but that the message is also retained and acted upon by your target audience.  A Mind Fire Inc study showed that the average response rate across all industries with 10 or more messages used in their campaign was 6.5 percent and nonprofits realized an average response of 7.7 percent of their audience viewing their pURLs and about 4.5 percent deciding to make donation.

A Direct Mail Association study showed that printed catalogs received an almost 4 percent response rate, direct mail saw a 3.65 percent response and when these were combined with a properly timed email campaign as well the response rates increased.  Additionally, the study reported that 40 percent of the executives had experienced, at a minimum, a better response rate with their personalized cross media campaigns than their other campaigns.

By combining the power of print with digital media you’re able to generate more interest in your brand through extended consumer engagement and by increasing the message’s reach and frequency.  Cross Media Marketing not only increases your brand’s reach and frequency by including more consumer touch points in a single campaign, but it also can distribute targeted and personalized messages through more than one communication channel.  Each message should be unique, but also relevant to the other messages sent out through each of the various communication channels in your marketing mix.

Print and digital media should not be seen as competing communication channels, rather complementary methods that help to increase your brand’s reach and frequency.  And according to the Power of Print Custom Content Blog, three quarters of consumers feel the same way.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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