“Do You Know the Facts” Print Video

Print continues to thrive and influence consumers to respond to a brand’s call-to-action. When print and digital are combined to work together response rates increase.  Printed messages– from newspaper to direct mail — are the cause of over 60 percent of brand-related online searches.

Are you using print in your marketing mix?  If you answered “yes” to this question you are not alone — about 75 percent of CEO’s in a print marketing study responded that they had or were planning on including print in their marketing mix for their company’s marketing efforts in 2013.

Now it is time to ask yourself, “Do you know the facts?”  Take a few minutes to check out this print video that shares multiple print marketing facts.  Once you watch the video, let us know how you are using print to amplify your marketing campaign.


Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association 






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