Enhancing Direct Mail Pieces with QR Codes

Direct mail’s response rates have continued to increase throughout the passed decade.  Additionally, direct mail pieces that are personalized and interactive prove to have even higher engagement rates and responses to call-to-actions from the brand’s core audience.  Using QR codes to connect the gap between a brand’s online and print messages help to ensure your audience will take the time to scan a code for more information — and ultimately increase the engagement between brand and consumer.

One of the benefits of QR codes is that they are easy and less time consuming for the consumer and remove the consumer’s need to remember to take the time later to visit your website.  Because QR codes are convenient, they help to build consumer relationships simply due to the fact the consumer is more likely to engage with what the brand’s asking of the consumer — be it to respond to a survey or an offer.

If the call-to-action is to respond to a survey or give their feedback in some way, be sure to offer how this feedback will be used and accounted for — people are less likely to take the time to respond if they don’t feel their comments will be taken seriously and reviewed by an actual human and not through an automated system.

Additionally, studies show, one of the main reasons a person will choose to scan a QR code is because of the opportunity to redeem or receive  a discount or special offer.  As a marketer, you can use this to your benefit by having the user follow you on one of your social sites or even share one of your brand’s posts in order to receive the discount. By doing so, you’re consumers are happy to receive the discount and your brand’s message increases its reach.

Finally, use the 2D code to build you database.  Ask the landing page visitor to sign up for more information so you can continue the conversation with them later via another form of communication whether it’s email, direct mail, social media or a combination of the three.

Interactive direct mail enables your brand to increase reach and frequency and further engage with your audience.   Interactive direct mail will ultimately offer a higher response rate than generic direct mail pieces.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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