“Raise It Up” – 9 Steps to Profit Improvement Webinar


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


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2022 has given us paper shortages, energy cost increases and high inflation. It is now critical to keep ahead of these trends or otherwise risk doing too little too late.

RAISEITUP is a proven 9-point methodology for driving a number of improvements which, when added together, can significantly increase a company’s overall profits. This has been adopted by many printing companies and has delivered outstanding results.

This webinar shares valuable insight into where you can look and find margin gains. From the price you pay suppliers to how much you charge your customers, from how you measure your performance to how you can find legitimate ways to charge for extras.

Together with some real life examples, the session will give you some new ideas that could revitalize your financial performance.

In a climate of high economic inflation, the timing of your response is critical and the quicker you take decisive action, the better the outcome is likely to be.

Find out how to . . .

Measure the profitability of the business you do with customers
Charge extra fees when you can
Take closer control of your internal costs
Take better control of the prices you charge
Retain and develop your customers
Make your quotes and contracts work for you

About the Presenter:
Simon Taylor is Managing Director of Margin Improvement Ltd., a print industry consultancy specializing in profit improvement. He has 19 years experience in the UK and European Print Services Sector and formerly VP of Sales and Regional Director for a leading European $200m Print Services Group. He helps companies in the US and Europe to increase their margins through proven approaches from sales pricing strategies and client retention through to strategies for procurement, service development and contractual agreements.  He trains Print Company Executives to increase their margins through a variety of tailored programs. Simon is an experience speaker, a thought leader and creator of unique and successful methodologies that drive profit growth. He is a passionate advocate that there is healthy profit in print and knows how to release it.


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