Fourth of July Direct Mail Marketing

Holidays are always a great way to get an extra marketing push in for brands.  Today, we’re going to share with you a few Fourth of July direct mail pieces that did a great job of utilizing the Holiday to add an additional touch point to their marketing campaign.

Using the Holiday to keep in touch with your audience is important — after all, keeping a healthy connection with both your business partners and your customers is the foundation to having a thriving business.

This example mailer kept it simple.  Simply wishing its recipient a happy holiday — no sales promotion or product information — this card simply acknowledges the consumer during the holiday and helps to continue building a relationship between the brand and its consumer.


This mailer uses no words on the postcard — simply a QR code.  The code leads to fireworks from a marketing firm wishing their clients a happy 4th of July!


American Express also kept it simple with an oversized postcard with a simple graphic on it.


We hope you enjoyed the 4th of July Direct Mail post cards — have a wonderful Fourth of July!


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