Google’s Paperless 2013 Campaign Revised Thanks to Printing Industry Leaders

Printing Industries of America, Two-Sides and other leaders in the printing industry have taken a stand against Google’s “Paperless 2013″ Marketing campaign that is based on false environmental information regarding the print and paper industry.  In January, a letter was shared regarding the incorrect statements the campaign used —  this letter was sent to the CEO of Google and then, in February, the print industry sent a follow up letter.

Today we are happy to share the report that as a result of the protest by Printing Industries of America and other industry leaders, Google has taken action to correct its misleading claims made as part of its ill-conceived “Paperless 2013″ campaign.  While Google did announce that the campaign to reduce office paper use will continue, its offensive tag line “Save money. Save time. Save trees” has been eliminated from Google’s marketing efforts!

In addition to the open letters to Google’s CEO, Printing Industries of America also have launched a “Value of Print” campaign.  This campaign is a tool for all organizations in the printing industry to use to combat and dispel rumors that paper and print are bad for the environment.

Printing Industries of America also offers a Value of Print Flip Book that discusses the facts regarding print’s environmental impact.  To view a copy of the Value of Print Flip Book, visit

Don’t forget to share and spread the word to help dispel the myths of print and introduce and reinforce the truth behind the environmental impacts of print and paper industry.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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