Historic Challenges: A New Era of Human Resources Law

We are living in a time of historic change in human resources and employment law.  There are new challenges at every turn: how you recruit, interview and hire your employees; what your employment policies can and cannot say; when and how you discipline and reward employees; who is and is not entitled to overtime pay; and on and on.

Plan on attending the 2016 PIA Human Resources Conference at the Turning Stone Casino on April 21 and 22, 2016, to learn how to survive and even thrive in this new era. The “Turning Stone Conference,” which has been presented annually for more than a decade, has been hailed by participants as being the preeminent HR and employment law education conference bar none.

You are invited to attend this conference which will focus on providing you with: 1) practical, easy-to-follow suggestions for complying with only the most important employment law changes; and 2) insights and common sense strategies for dealing with the most troublesome, ongoing HR problems that you face on a daily basis.  In other words, unlike other conferences, this one is structured to provide you with a real, no nonsense opportunity to work with experienced Employment Law Attorneys (as well as other participants) to develop your organization’s best compliance strategies for new and existing human resources laws.

The presenters have dedicated their law practices to helping employers not simply survive the ever-increasing regulation of the workplace, but to thrive in that environment. The information and materials they provide are the product of decades of experience.  Rest assured, the information described below will be relevant and timely for navigating your way through the ever-changing landscape of labor, employment and human resources law.

More information will follow but don’t wait . . . Register today!

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