How are You Marketing for the Holiday Season?

Holiday marketing, especially for retailers, is one of the most important Marketing campaigns of the year.  Today, we’re going to share with you a few Holiday Marketing Tips to ensure you’re not only reaching your customers, but also getting responses from them too.

To increase the reach and frequency of your messages, it’s important to use a combination of both print and digital communication.  One of the most important points to remember this Holiday Season is to hit often — reach your target more than once or twice. Get mailers into their hands and use email and social media to follow up with interested consumers.  Once they make their way to your brand’s website, be sure to have a way to track their movements in order to create follow up offers that are relevant to their needs and most likely going to elicit a response.

Use direct mail to follow up with personalized messages.  Use the information you’ve collected throughout the holiday season to send relevant messages as the Holidays draw nearer and offer “last minute” deals on items that the intended recipient expressed interest in — whether online or in-store.

Finally, don’t forget that your efforts should continue even after the Holidays.  Post-holiday sales are always very popular, whether it’s people exchanging unwanted gifts or spending holiday cash they received — reach out to your consumers with the right message to get them back in your doors after the Holidays. Using well-timed mailings will help you liquidate the last of your year-end inventory or, even, start preparing for next year with New Year’s promotions.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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