How Quick Response Codes Enhance the Consumer Experience

We have discussed the benefits and the promising statistics of including Quick Response codes, or QR codes, in your marketing mix.  Today, we’re going to share a few examples that show how some businesses and organizations are using QR codes to increase customer engagement.

Example 1 — Museums and Art Galleries.
Museums have been quick to realize the potential of including QR codes in exhibits to enhance the visitors’ experience. For example, The Cleveland Museum of Art, placed QR codes next to exhibits to direct visitors to online, offered an audio tour or simply gave more information than was listed at the physical exhibit.

Example 2 — Vineyards 
Even Vineyards are using the power of QR codes.  During tastings at a particular winery, the bottles of wine have QR code on the wine labels that, when scanned, save the title of the wine into your phone so you can purchase it later.

Example 3 — Direct Mail for local Businesses
Local businesses are sending post cards with QR codes  included that have a map and directions to their establishment embedded into the QR code’s landing page.  Allowing the person scanning the QR code the ability to easily navigate to the local business or save the business’s location into their phone for future use.

QR codes offer an easy way for consumers to get more information, save contact information and increase engagement between your brand and its target audience.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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