How the USPS Delivery Change will Affect You

At this point you have probably heard the news that the United States Postal Service will be suspending their Saturday service starting in August of 2013.  Over the past ten years direct mail marketing, both in the Business to Business and Business to Consumer sectors, has seen an increase in response rates.

Direct mail, regardless of Saturday delivery availability, will remain an integral tool in a company’s marketing mix.  While some marketers may turn to digital media, such as email and online communication, that will only further clutter those forms of communication between brand and consumer — making direct mail even more valuable to a brand’s marketing campaign.

A recent Forbes article discussed the fact that the majority marketers may not be greatly affected by this change because it will simply take simple adjustments to mailing and scheduling timelines.  Additionally, as we get closer to the change in delivery in August, the USPS has plans to produce and share specific guidelines for both consumers and marketers.

Just as with using any other media, adaptability is key.  Marketers tend to be an adaptable group, just as we adapted digital technology into our marketing plans, so to will we be able to adapt to the USPS change in delivery.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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