Increasing Direct Mail Response Rates

Using multiple media to reach your target audience has been proven to increase the reach and frequency of your brand’s message to your target audience in multiple studies.  Your direct mail piece can complement your digital messages by reinforcing the message you’re trying to share with your target audience.

Check out some of our tips for enhancing the direct mail portion of your communication methods:

Use your database to add a personal touch.  According to the USPS approximately 60% of consumers not only prefer receiving direct mail, but actually look forward to receiving direct mail communication.  This opens up a great opportunity for your brand’s message to break through the digital clutter and be seen by your target audience.  By adding a personalized message, you’re more likely to not only get their attention, but also further engage them and ultimately increase your response rate.

Database marketing allows you to target your brand’s message to smaller groups — ultimately reducing your overall cost of marketing investment. When putting together a Direct Mail piece you want to make sure you are sending a targeted message to a qualified group of individuals.  By doing so, this will likely produce a higher response rate.  Using your database you can segment and sort your audience into separate subgroups of like-minded individuals and send unique and relevant content.

Take advantage of the endless possibilities when it comes to the design of your post card/direct mail piece.  Print media allows for more than just a screen displaying your message and graphic.  Your recipient can hold and feel the quality of the paper — is it glossy or matte paper — by adding high-quality paper, your graphics not only “pop” off of the page, but the recipient is more likely to take the time to read a message that is ascetically pleasing to them.  Direct mail is something that can stick around and act as a continuous reminder to the recipient to take action.

Finally track the mailing’s success and response rates.  There are multiple ways you can track and measure a direct mailing, but one of the most unique ways is through personalized URLs and QR codes.  These not only offer tracking and measurement, but they also engage the user for a longer time period.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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