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Today, we are going to discuss how to leverage QR codes to help enhance your printed material and also further engage your audience with your brand’s message.

QR codes are great tools to help bridge the gap between your online messages and your print messages, which will ultimately help you retain the consumer’s attention for longer periods of time.  There are a few factors to consider when incorporating a QR code in your marketing mix and today we are going to share with you three tips that will enhance your consumer’s experience with your brand’s codes and ultimately increase your message’s reach and frequency.

The first tip is to create an offer that is worth your consumer’s time. We live in a world were everyone is short on time and we’re always jumping from one task to the next; time is precious so make the QR code worth the scan.  When using a QR code, try not to take them to the home page of your website.  Instead, think about how scanning a QR code would benefit someone.  Will you offer a discount or maybe inside information on your next sale or you could bring them to a map of where you are located.  Get creative, but always try to answer the question “Why do they want to scan this code and what will my consumers get out of the experience?”

Give a preview. You don’t go to a movie based on the title; you see a movie because the two and half minute preview looked exciting.  The same is true for a QR code.  Part of the fun of a QR code is in its mystery, but now that they are more prevalent in marketing, it is harder to rely on sheer curiosity to initiate scans.  On your print ad, your product, or wherever you choose to place a QR code, try adding a short, concise description of what lies within the mysterious matrix.  These one or two sentences should be intriguing and make the person want to scan to find out more.  Give just enough information to leave the user excited to scan!

Finally, make it mobile. People will be viewing your content on a phone screen, so when you’re creating content for the code remember that.  Keep the text to a minimum and try using graphics or videos instead or make your URL a mobile-friendly URL.  When you do this, the website becomes fit for a mobile screen and is much easier for the user to navigate.

QR codes are great tools to help expand your message beyond only one channel of communication, allowing you to reach more of your audience and increase the amount of time they spend with your message.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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