Maintaining a Strong USPS Key to Marketing Success

As Congress is making decisions on the future of the USPS we thought it important to discuss the value a strong postal service plays in the success of American business and direct mail campaigns.

According to a “Smarts of the USA” article, 500 million pieces of mail are delivered daily through the United States Postal Service.  Each day businesses send out correspondence via the USPS to other businesses and consumers and, for some, the delivery system is the ‘life-blood’ of their business.

Maintaining a strong USPS is integral to business communication. The Senate Bill 1789, which was passed in late April, offers key components such as maintaining overnight and Saturday delivery for at least the next two years.  By continuing to offer these features, businesses will continue to send out direct mail, invoices and other essential business forms to their consumers and other businesses that help to maintain businesses’ cash flow.

Finally, a strong postal system will need to focus on growing through technology that makes “paper smarter.”  This includes technology such as Quick Response codes and pURLs that allow marketers to transition their audience swiftly from the printed piece to the digital realm.  By focusing on these up and coming technologies, the USPS can see increases in the mail volume.

Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman, Joe Lieberman, stated that “This legislation (Senate Bill 1789) will change the USPS so it can stay alive throughout the 21 century to serve the people and businesses of this country.”  It’s important to have a strong USPS infrastructure to continue the success of American business.

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