Marketing Trends — 2014

Multiple articles and studies are showing that the marketing trends for 2014 will revolve around databases, your content and Location-based marketing tactics.  As we move forward into 2014, generic mass messages are no longer receiving response from consumers and are proving to be a waste of money for most businesses and organizations.

Location-based marketing.  This will be a big factor — especially for small, local businesses looking to get a few more people in the door.  You can use location-based marketing to send digital messages and mobile messages to people using GPS-centric technology or simply based on who ‘checks-in’ to other nearby establishments.  Finally, you can use location-based marketing to give directions to people who happen to be in your area. How?  By placing QR codes on flyers, bus stops, etc in the area and have the QR code download directions directly onto the scanner’s smartphone.

Just as in the past, content is King… only now, it’s more than King, it’s imperative to your marketing campaign’s success.  Knowing what messages to send to each segment of your target audience may be more time-consuming, but it’s also expected from your audience, now, more than ever.  Because people are constantly hit with marketing messages, your message needs to be precisely targeted to the recipient’s needs and interests in order for them to even take the time to notice your message — let alone, respond to it.

Database Technology.  In order for you to produce relevant content, it is essential to have an up-to-date database and use that database to segment like-minded consumers and hit each group with targeted messages.  In addition to relevant content, the timing of your message and best way to reach a particular group of people (be it print, email or social media) can be discovered by analyzing your consumer database — thus increasing your campaign’s response rate.

2014 is sure to bring some changes to the way we communicate with our audiences — but, just as with 2012 and 2013, customer-centric marketing will be key to seeing success for your marketing campaign and ultimately, your business.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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