Personalized Marketing 2013 Statistics

According to 94 percent of the Marketing Directors surveyed in a Pardot study, “Personalized marketing is important.”  These marketers believe that personalization is critical to their marketing campaign’s current and future marketing success.  Furthermore, the study produced this statistic — businesses who use personalized messages see an increase in sales by 19 percent.  This fact alone shows that the extra time needed to create personalized messages are well worth the investment.

Personalization can come in many forms — whether a brand creates messages based on consumers’ past purchases, their geography, demographics, when they’ve purchased or last interacted with their brand — personalized message help target your audience and reach them with valuable messages that they’re more likely to respond to.

While marketers do not deny that personalized marketing helps to increase response rates and overall profits, 47 percent report that their main reason to not use personalized marketing is because they do not have the database technology to adequately produce personalized messages.  With the right database system and automation tools, your campaign can not only be personalized, but it can also help you collect, store and analyze more consumer information for future campaigns.

Through the use of variable data printing and database management tools, you can use your database to customize each message you send out to your target audience.  The more targeted and relevant your messages are, the more likely your response rate will increase and you will see a higher return on your investments.

Timothy Freeman 
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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