Personalized Marketing: Is it Worth it?

Personalized marketing takes a little more time and effort for the marketing department to create and send out to your brand’s database — so, is it worth it?  The short answer, yes.

Taking the extra time to reach out to consumers in a less automated way helps to develop relationships with customers so they not only purchase from you in that moment, but so they become loyal members in your customer base.

Ninety-four percent of marketing professionals surveyed in an ExacTarget Marketing study, reported that they believe personalized marketing is crucial to their marketing success.   Furthermore, 66 percent of marketers felt that personalized marketing gave customers an improved customer experience that keeps consumers coming back even after their first or second purchase.

Multiple studies are showing that individualized marketing communication increases response rates — so, how are most marketers using personalized marketing tactics to reach their target audience?  The ExacTarget study showed that 30 percent of marketers use on-site behavior to further personalized both a consumer’s digital experience with their brand and they will also use it to add personalized print communication as well.  In addition to personalizing the consumer’s desktop experience with their brand over half of the marketers surveyed planned to adopt individualized mobile communication through location-based marketing and QR codes within the next year.

Both print and digital messages should be relevant to the person viewing your brand’s message.  By doing so, you’re increasing the likelihood that a person will not only respond to your call-to-action, but also continue to frequent your establishment in the future, as personalized communication is showing that it tends to build relationships, not just one-time consumers.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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