PGCA Employee Benefits Marketplace: A Different Approach to Employee Benefits

Who knows more about the type of benefits employees need than . . . the employees themselves.

“One Size Fits All” is no longer the mantra for companies waiting to provide the greatest ROI on their employee benefit spend.  Everyone’s needs are different, depending on family demographics, health status, tolerance for risk, etc.

Free yourself from cookie cutter benefits programs and check out the PIA Employee Benefits Marketplace

Participating employers provide a set dollar amount for their employees to spend.  Utilizing cutting edge technology, employees then walk through an online assessment that provides them with a variety of personalized choices from an extensive menu of benefit options.  Employees know exactly what they are getting and how much it will cost.  The whole thing is then seamlessly integrated into your payroll and Section 125 plan.

A new, more empowered health care consumer is emerging – here is what they are saying:

 * Choice and Flexibility – When it comes to benefits, employees want more choices, not fewer.

* The Right Fit – Cost is not the major driver in selecting benefits.  Getting the right benefits package is.

* Employee Satisfaction and Engagement – Employees utilizing these programs have higher satisfaction and engagement levels resulting in – surprise! A more productive employee.

Check out a new white paper for more information on the new empowered health care consumer.

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Tim Freeman, President
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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