Mailers Council

If you want your customers to look to you for guidance on
postal issues, postal news & MTAC, postage rates or postal
regulations changes, PGCA can help you be an industry expert.

PGCA Mailers Council

The PGCA Mailers Council offers the services/benefits at right, through the Mailers Hub, at a discounted rate of $594 a year – a 40% savings for PGCA members!

Services Include:

Complete Monthly Newsletter: Mailers Hub News with postal knowledge distilled into an understandable format, offering in-depth analysis on mail and postal regulations, policies, technologies, and news.
— Scorecard Monitoring: Analysis and feedback regarding company’s USPS Scorecard, evaluating the data and providing alerts to potential problems.
-- Legal Advisors: Up to one hour of free legal counsel with Brann & Isaacson, postal and mailing specialists.
-- Community Forum: A “listserv” to post questions to industry experts and get immediate feedback
-- Monthly Webinars: Topical webinars keep mail and postal departments well-informed. 
-- The HotLine: Immediate telephone or email access to get mail and postal related guidance.
-- Expert Consulting Services: Discounted consulting by experienced veterans on improvements from design to production to postal compliance
-- Access to our resource library of past presentations and materials

Recent Mailers Hub Newsletters

Whether you are a veteran mailer or just getting into it, Mailers Hub can provide professional knowledge to support your customer interactions.


January 2024 Summary  [“Adders Driving April Price Increase, November Financials: Mediocre Early Holiday Season Results]

February 2024 Summary
[Finger-pointing Follows Withdrawl of PCH NSA; USPS Service Performance: Far From the Targets] 

March 2024 Summary 
[“Local Transportation Optimization” Impacts Service; USPS Ends Weekly Press Releases]

April 2024 Summary [PRC Issues FY2023 Annual Compliance Determination; OIG Audit Cites Extensive Problems at Richmond RPDC]

May 2024 Summary {PRC Orders USPS to “Show Cause”; Senators Urge USPS Governors to Slow Implementation]

June 2023 Summary [PRC Approves USPS-Proposed Price Increase for Market Dominant Products, White Paper Urges PRC Reform]

July 2023 Summary [PRC Rebuffs USPS Objections to Plan Inquiry, PRC Allows Questions About First-Class Package Service Classification]

August 2023 Summary [PQ III Results Noteworthy for the Wrong Reasons, USPS Requests PRC to Authorize Growth Incentives]

September 2023 Summary
[PRC allows Information Request to Proceed, Legislators Express Concern Over Price Increases]

October 2023 Summary [USPS Files price increase for market dominant products, PRC approves growth incentives]

November 2023 Summary [Mail collection plan raises discrimination concerns, Illinois law adds new restrictions  on direct mail]

December 2023 Summary [USPS Plans to Lose $6.2 Billion  in FY 2024, PRC Approves Market-Dominant NSA]

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