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If you want your customers to look to you for guidance on
postal issues, postal news & MTAC, postage rates or postal
regulations changes, PGCA can help you be an industry expert.

PGCA Mailers Council

The PGCA Mailers Council offers the services/benefits at right, through the Mailers Hub, at a discounted rate of $594 a year – a 40% savings for PGCA members!

Services Include:

Complete Monthly Newsletter: Mailers Hub News with postal knowledge distilled into an understandable format, offering in-depth analysis on mail and postal regulations, policies, technologies, and news.
— Scorecard Monitoring: Analysis and feedback regarding company’s USPS Scorecard, evaluating the data and providing alerts to potential problems.
-- Legal Advisors: Up to one hour of free legal counsel with Brann & Isaacson, postal and mailing specialists.
-- Community Forum: A “listserv” to post questions to industry experts and get immediate feedback
-- Monthly Webinars: Topical webinars keep mail and postal departments well-informed. 
-- The HotLine: Immediate telephone or email access to get mail and postal related guidance.
-- Expert Consulting Services: Discounted consulting by experienced veterans on improvements from design to production to postal compliance
-- Access to our resource library of past presentations and materials

Recent Mailers Hub Newsletters

Whether you are a veteran mailer or just getting into it, Mailers Hub can provide professional knowledge to support your customer interactions.


April 2023 Summary [USPS Files Price Increase for Market Dominant Products, PRC Releases FY 2022 Annual Compliance Determination]

March 2023 Summary [S&DC Implementations Increasing, USPS Buying More Electric Vehicles]

February 2023 Summary [USPS Reports Results for FY 2023 PQ1, USPS Revises Competitive Product Package Categories]

January 2023 Summary [USPS Releases FY 2022 Annual Compliance Report and Annual Report, USPS Expands Electric Vehicle Puchase]

August 2023 Summary [PQ III Results Noteworthy for the Wrong Reasons, USPS Requests PRC to Authorize Growth Incentives]

July 2023 Summary [PRC Rebuffs USPS Objections to Plan Inquiry, PRC Allows Questions About First-Class Package Service Classification]

June 2023 Summary [PRC Approves USPS-Proposed Price Increase for Market Dominant Products, White Paper Urges PRC Reform]

May 2023 Summary [USPS Issues Report on 10-Year Plan, USPS Challenges PRC Inquiry into 10-Year Plan]

November 2023 Summary [Mail collection plan raises discrimination concerns, Illinois law adds new restrictions  on direct mail]

October 2023 Summary [USPS Files price increase for market dominant products, PRC approves growth incentives]

September 2023 Summary [PRC allows Information Request to Proceed, Legislators Express Concern Over Price Increases]



February 2022 Summary [House Passes “Postal Reform” Bill, Senate Vote Expected, USPS Releases PQ I Results]

April 2022 Summary [USPS Files for Second Market-Dominant Price Increase in a Year, OIG audit Finds Deficiencies in MTE Management, USPS Proposes Changes to Service Measurement, Petitioners Seek Reconsideration of Additional Rate Authorities]

May 2022 Summary [Associations respond to USPS opposition on ratesetting changes, USPS releases second quarter results, PRC issues financial analysis of the USPS, Excluded mail continues to reduce volume “in measurement,” PQ II/FY2022 USPS service performance: Little improvement]

June 2022 Summary [PRC approves proposed rates, USPS hints at revising NGDV order, April financials, PRSA issues another advisory opinion, USPS agrees to test paper]

July 2022 Summary [Climbing CPI threatens another big rate increase, Competitive contracts, May Financials, USPS revises competitive parcel products, Insight into network changes  given to USPS  employees, USPS ends postage reseller programs, PRC opens another study of flat costs]

August 2022 Summary [ PQ II Results; volume recovery, more revenue from higher prices; USPS seeks waiver of work sharing rule}

September Summary [Legislation Could End Rate Authority “Adders”; Release Notes Preview Structural Changes Proposed in October Price Filing; August Financials]

December Summary [PRC Approves Price Increase; PRC Report Defends  Ratesetting Process; October Financials Suggest Impact from Price Increases]

January 2023 Summary [USPS Releases FY 2022 Annual Compliance Report and Annual Report; USPS Expands Electric Vehicle Purchase; USPS Announces Additional Rate Authorities for FY 2023; OIG Examines Mail Delivery Failures]

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