Print Breaks through Clutter

As consumers’ inboxes become increasingly full with brand communications, direct mail helps to break through that clutter and ensure your message is seen by its target audience.  Creating a direct mail piece with the right message and most appealing design will only increase the number of recipients who take the time to not only read, but also respond to your call-to-action.

Effective direct mail design is essential to your direct mail marketing.   While your message is key to ensuring your recipients respond to your mailer, the design of the piece is what is going to get the person to take the time to read your brand’s message.  Even if your message is perfectly targeted and well-timed, it won’t matter if the mailing is not read because the design did not entice the person to take a closer look.

A few design elements to consider when creating your direct mail post card are to choose an appealing color scheme, high quality paper (possibly even textured or glossy to engage the recipient’s sense of touch), include photographs and crisp graphics that complement your written message and finally, be sure to include your call-to-action in a prominent space on the printed piece.

One last design element to be sure to include is your brand name and logo.  Don’t stuff your logo in a corner where it may get overlooked — remember, even if the person doesn’t respond to the call-to-action you still want your brand’s name to be top-of-mind for your consumers.

Are you using direct mail in your marketing mix?

Timothy Freeman 


Print & Graphic Communications Association



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