Print Drives Marketing- and Sales!

It may seem that digital media is taking over the marketing world and at times it can seem hard to find room in your marketing mix for print media.  But, if you are not using print as a marketing medium in your marketing campaign, you are missing out on increasing your reach and frequency and even finding new consumers.  There are unique opportunities with print that no digital media can currently offer.

Currently, with more and more digital marketing messages being sent out, there seems to be less and less print messages sent.  Because of this, there lies an opportunity for print and direct mail;  the recipient’s attention is less divided and is able to give your message more time.  With email, you’re lucky when the person takes the time to open, view and read your email message, but with print your message sits directly in their hands.  Furthermore, over 80 percent of people who receive direct mail, will at the very least, take the time to skim over the mail piece.


Another reason print should be incorporated in your marketing campaign is because it compliments digital media.  The two mediums work very well together for multiple reasons. With new technology such as SMS, personalized URLs and QR codes, you can seamlessly transfer your viewer from one marketing medium to another.  This allows your brand to receive higher customer retention rates.

Furthermore, print is green.  Yes, you read that right.  Print and paper are one of the most recycled products — with around 60 percent of consumed paper being recycled.  It is a renewable resource and for every tree harvested by paper farmers, three more trees are planted.  

 We have one last, and maybe most important factor when using print in your marketing efforts.  Print is credible.  Anyone can post almost anything online, because of this the internet can lose some of its credibility.  In fact, according to a Neilson study, next to consumer recommendations, a printed medium – newspaper – is the most trusted form of advertising.

So, there you have it.  Print should be an important part of your marketing campaign.  How are you using print?


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