Print Gains and Retains Customers

Print has the ability to cut through the digital clutter of text messages, email and social media.  Print is also a memorable form of communication.  Everyday we are seemingly  inundated with digital messages and because of how frequently these digital messages are sent to us they, in turn, become less memorable.

Alternatively, a printed message is tangible, it’s held in the consumer’s hand and demands their attention.  A printed message can also be personalized through the use of variable data printing and database management, because of this your audience is likely to spend more time with your communication and ultimately retain your brand’s message.

Print does more than break through the clutter of digital messages.  It also drives a consumer to take action, as over 60 percent of online brand searches are influenced by a printed form of communication.  Whether the consumer’s action is to view a brand’s website or visit a store to redeem a coupon or discount –  response rates from direct mail are increasing.

Additionally, print and direct mail are proving to be more effective than email when trying to gain new customers.  Not only do direct mail messages have a substantially higher open rate with over 80 percent of people at least skimming the direct mail message, but according to, 40 percent of consumers have tried a new brand or product as a result of a mailing they received.

Consumers respond and are even voicing that they prefer direct mail over other forms of brand communication.   Studies show that 73 percent of people prefer to receive direct mail communication about new products and services, compared to the 18 percent of people who prefer to hear news via email messages (

Unlike digital media, print cannot be easily ignored.  You cannot simply select the delete button or remove it from your email inbox without reading a single word of the message.  Print is tangible.  Print lands in the hands of your target audience and because of this your brand’s message is read.

A printed message will stand out from the rest.


Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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