Print Industry Takes Action Regarding Environmental Issues

Recently, the print and paper industry have been under fire for not being environmentally conscious.  Throughout the past few months, we have been posting facts that dispute these claims and a few days ago Two Sides announced a nationwide initiative to not only help US companies implement the best practices for the most effective and environmentally friendly use of print and paper, but also to combat companies who are using unsubstantiated claims that paper and print are harmful to the environment.

Two Sides conducted research that included 94 companies.  Of those 94 companies, 50 percent were using false claims about the environmental effect of the print and paper industry to encourage customers to switch to all digital billing and other digital services.

Two Sides President and COO, Phil Riebel, was quoted in the Two Sides press release saying, “Our research has shown that many companies are using negative claims that are not verifiable or factual related to the environmental impacts of print and paper, and as a result do not meet best practice guidelines for environmental marketing.  Two Sides, and our 60 member companies, are committed to sharing our collective expertise on the life-cycle and environmental impacts of print and paper. Our discussions to date have been very productive and the end result has been more accurate claims that are not damaging to the paper, printing and mailing sectors that provide over 8 million U.S. jobs.”

Two Sides is taking a stand against false claims that hurt an industry that is not only continuously striving toward environmental friendliness, but also supplies millions of jobs and economic stability across our nation.  The print and paper industries main product is a renewable resource that is grown in managed tree farms that plant approximately three trees for any one tree harvested – ensuring we continue to maintain our nation’s forest coverage that has remained the same for the past 100 years.

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