Print Influences your Target Audience

According to a DMA study, online purchases are heavily influenced by offline material.  In fact, 33 percent of online purchases are a direct result of a direct mail catalog.  Additionally, over 60 percent on online brand searches are a direct result of responses to a printed piece such as a direct mailing postcard or letter.  This is why it is important your printed piece is personalized and utilizes the right call to action to influence your target audience to make a purchase and/or respond to a call-to-action via it’s digital counterpart.

Using the information you obtain from your database – quantity and frequency of purchases and consumer demographics – can help you predict what type of message is most likely going to persuade the recipient follow up with your call to action.  Understanding your audience is essential to data-driven marketing success.

It takes time to review and analyze the consumer data you have collected and even more time to generate a compelling message based on your collected information.  But, the results are well worth the time commitment.  By distributing individualized messages you are able to grow your database and maintain customer relationships – showing them you understand what they are interested in and don’t waste their time with irrelevant information.  Furthermore, communicating with your target audience with personalized messages through multiple media platforms will enhance your ability to create a relationship, which can ultimately generate a sale for your company.

Communication is changing – people are no longer satisfied with generic, mass produced messages that may or may not be relevant to them.  You must reach them with relevant content both online and in print in order to elicit a response.  How are you using personalized marketing in your print and digital marketing mix?

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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