Print is Powerful

As marketing strategies change, print continues to adapt and proves to be a powerful form of communication between the brand and its consumers.  From the ability to cut through digital clutter to its ability to be highly targeted and personalized through VDP and database management, print is an integral component of your marketing mix.

As with all media, when coupled with other forms of communication, print becomes even more powerful and increases its overall reach and frequency — and ultimately allows a brand to see a higher return on investments.  Print has the ability to not only influence members of target audiences to respond to calls-to-action, but it also enhances the impact of other forms of marketing channels by providing an additional dimension to your marketing mix that is highly personalized.

Whether you’re using direct mail, newspaper or magazine ads, package marketing or even door hangers and catalogs, there are a multitude of reasons to include print in your marketing mix.  Today, we would like to share with you a few quick statistics regarding the power of print marketing.

Print Drives Traffic — Over 60 percent of online brand searches are a result of a printed marketing message.  Of these searches, 39 percent make a purchase (Profit Offline Channel Influence Study.)

Print receives Responses — Catalog marketing has the second-highest response rate (after telemarketing.)

Print Influences People to Make Decisions – A Channel Preference Study showed that 76 percent of customers have been directly influenced to make a purchase because of a direct mail piece they received at their home or place of business.

Print helps Retain Consumers — 70 percent of customers have renewed their business relationship with a company because of a direct mailing they received in home or at their place of work.

Print is powerful and should be included in your marketing communication mix.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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