Print Marketing Myths Debunked

Just as with any rumor, rumors start to grow and make their way around to a lot of people before anyone realizes that the rumor is not true.  Today we’re going to debunk a few of the myths that are swirling around out there regarding the print and paper industry.

Rumor 1 — Print is not effective.  According to a Marketing Profs article the following studies found that the majority of consumers claim to prefer print messages:

“International Communications Research survey, 73% of consumers said they preferred to receive printed mail announcements rather than email announcements from the brands that they like. Meanwhile, another surveycommissioned by Two Sides showed that 70% of Americans said they prefer to read things on printed paper over a digital screen, and 67% said they liked the feel of print media over other mediums.”

Print is not only powerful in its ability to break through the mass amount of digital messages that a consumer receives daily, but it’s also a welcomed break from digital messages from consumers.  Over 80 percent of direct mail pieces are at least skimmed or ready by the recipient with the average email open rates varying from 17 to 30 percent (depending on the industry.)

Rumor 2 — Print cannot be Personalized.  Through database management and Variable Data Printing print messages can easily be personalized to fit your target audience needs and address each consumer in a unique and personal way — no ‘Dear valued customer’ needed.  Furthermore, when print is personalized, it’s more impressive than personalized digital messages because a person receives less personalized print messages than they do personalized email messages.

Rumor 3 — Print is not eco-friendly.  As we discussed earlier in the week, the print industry is eco-friendly and continues to strive toward environmental excellence every day.  To name a few facts that debunk this vicious rumor are:

– Print uses over 2/3 recycled energy to create its product.
– Only 11 percent of trees harvested for production are used for the production of paper.
– Digital printing presses emit little to no VOCs.
– Digital Printing press waste can be reused and recycled.

Print is environmentally friendly.  Print is extremely effective and print can be targeted and personalized to fit the needs of your target audience.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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