Print Marketing Works

There are a lot of communication methods out there for a brand to reach its consumers.  It’s important to not only plan your brand’s messages accordingly, but also plan which medium will work best for your brand, its message and its customer base.  Today, print still remains a way to effectively and efficiently communicate with your brand’s audience.

In fact, according to an article “Print is not Dead!” by, it was shown that direct mail has about a 34 percent new customer acquisition rate versus email’s 25 percent new consumer acquisition rate.

If your list is small enough and you have the man power to hand-write your labels — do it!  Studies show that handwritten labels have an even higher open rate than most direct mail pieces — handwritten labels see a 95 percent open rate, while typed out address labels on a direct mailer receive about an 85 percent open rate.

Using interactive print messages adds an additional touch point and ultimately increases your engagement rate between your message and its intended audience.  In addition to the increased frequency of your message, you’re also able to track what people spend time with on your digital landing pages, how long they spend time with certain content and even collect other pertinent data by offering email sign up in exchange for a discount, offer, etc.

Print and digital are not competing mediums, print and digital media work flawlessly together to increase your brand’s reach and frequency and ultimately increase your brand’s profits.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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