QR Codes and Campaign Measurement

After you have done all the planning and have implemented your marketing plan – your job is not over.  Now you need to concentrate on the results of you campaign, measure and monitor how your customer’s react and document the results to increase your success in future campaigns.

Measuring your results can be hard if you don’t have an easy way to track how your customers are interacting with the campaign.  This is where one of the benefits of QR codes come in, easy measurement. QR codes are not only a fantastic way to further engage your audience with your marketing message, but they also allow you to precisely measure your marketing campaign.  Search Engine World released a case study about how detailed QR code information can be.

For example, in the case study, it showed the following categories:  Overall QR code views, Mobile views, desktop views, and finally the number of QR codes used to generate these results.  The article also supplied the user with graphs of what time of day the QR codes were most popular, which geographic area used the QR codes the most and even what days of the week the customer’s activity with the codes were the highest.

All this data can be turned into powerful insight for your next marketing campaign. Measurement may be the most important aspect of a campaign, but many brands choose to ‘skip’ this step or simply choose not to take the time to review their campaign’s results — by doing so, a brand is losing valuable insights to how their target audience behaves with their brand’s messages.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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