Small Businesses & Direct Mail Marketing

Small businesses are the driving force behind the success of the U.S. economy; as small businesses produce over 60 percent of all new American employment.  According to Mail Moves America, over 300,000 of these small business rely on direct mail to market their products and services and drive traffic to their websites or into their brick and mortar store.

Direct mail drives consumers to those small businesses; not only are over 80 percent of mailers read by the recipient, but also print and direct mail drive over 60 percent of online brand searches for small and large businesses alike.  Direct mail is a linchpin in the success of small businesses marketing initiatives.

According to Print is Big, Direct Mail has grown by 14 percent over the past decade and direct mail continues to grow because it is evolving with new digital media offered to businesses and consumers.  Technologies such as QR codes, pURLs and Variable Data Printing allow messages to be personalized, trackable and interactive.  Furthermore, direct mail that utilizes interactive technologies also see a higher return on investments.

Twenty percent of people who scan a QR code will ultimately make a mobile purchase or inquiry, it’s important to offer the ability to transfer your consumer from a print message to a digital message.  By offering both digital and print messages you’re able to see a higher reach and frequency.  Direct mail is powerful and continues to offer new opportunities for marketers to drive new and returning business.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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