Study Shows Print Engages its Readers

In the past, we have discussed the value of print.  From it’s ability to cut through the digital mess of branded messages to it’s increase in response rates over the past ten years — print proves to be an integral component of a brand’s marketing mix.

A recent neurological study shared by showed that there are differences in how well a person can concentrate on a message depending on how it is delivered to them.  After multiple tests, the study revealed that print keeps readers engaged longer than a message on a digital screen and the readers had a tendency to read the entirety of a message instead of simply skimming through.  The reasons for this varied — from less distractions to print’s tangibility and the fact that it engages more of the person’s senses.

The study also revealed that when an individual reads content from a screen they’re more likely to only read the short, bulleted forms of communication and skim over the larger paragraphs of information.  Additionally, the number of distractions increase and therefore, the people in the study spent less time with the digital content.

Finally, print enhances consumer relationships.  Past studies have shown printed material such as direct mail have a more personalized ‘feel’ than a digital message via email or social media.  This personalization adds to the effectiveness of print messages as consumers prefer a tailor-made approach to the generic, mass messages.  Each of your customers and potential customers want (and expect) to feel like your only customer and print can help your brand build strong relationships with its consumers.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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