Targeting Your Cross Media Marketing Campaign

Yesterday we shared an infographic regarding the importance of the consumer experience for today’s consumer.  To wrap up the week, we’re going to discuss the importance of creating and sending relevant and timely messages to targeted portions of your target audience.

Personalized Direct Mail:
A Mitchell Graphics study showed that, when compared to generic direct mail, there was an over four percent higher lead generation when using personalized messages when compared to generic messages and about a 1.5 times higher overall return.  Furthermore, utilizing personalized direct mail also decreases your overall marketing costs as you are sending more relevant messages to fewer people — essentially you’re producing less waste by removing people who wouldn’t be interested in that particular offer from your brand or company.

Personalized Email:
According to a article, “Personalized Marketing:  What You Need to Know!”  53 percent of consumers are very likely to purchase something from a company when a brand personalizes marketing through digital communications. Using your database you can segment your audience into multiple subgroups of like-minded individuals and then create emails that are most likely to pertain to that groups’ specific interests.  By combing a personalized email with a personalized printed message you’re not only increasing your reach and frequency, but you’re also reaching them with appropriate messages that are most likely to elicit responses.

Personalized Offers:
The study also offered that 61 percent of consumers feel more positively about a brand when they use personalized communications.  When you send a message to your brand — whether print or email — it’s important that the offer is relevant to the needs of the recipient.

Generic messages no longer yield the responses like they used to in the past.  Consumers are smarter and more connected than ever before.  In order to reach consumers and have your messages truly be heard, you need to create personalized campaigns that offer specific messages to small portions of your target market.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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