The Age of the Consumer

Understanding your customer’s purchasing habits, likes and interests is beginning to be expected by the consumer.  Generic messages remain unread and not responded to because they didn’t entice the consumer to respond.  Instead, consumers are reading and engaging with brand messages that communicated with them by including personalized and individualized calls-to-actions.

Cross media marketing increases the number of communication channels we use to deliver our brand’s message to our target audience.  By personalizing these messages and using new technologies such as pURLs and QR codes, we’re able to engage our consumers longer, gain more information through two-way conversations and ultimately increase our return on investments.

Databases are an extremely important element in creating a successful personalized cross media marketing campaign.  By maintaining an up-to-date and accurate database, you’re ensuring that your customized messages, both print and digital, will be relevant to each segment of your target audience.

Cross media marketing gives you the opportunity to increase the number consumer touch points your audience has with your brand.  Through the combination of multiple media outlets and the personalization of all your communication methods, your message will see a higher response rate from your targeted consumers.

Today, a brand’s communication needs to be focused on the consumer and the benefits a brand’s product or service will bring to them.  Marketing can no longer be brand-focused; we have officially entered “The Age of the Consumer.”

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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