The Importance of Direct Mail in Your Marketing Mix

Cross media enables you to reach your target audience on multiple levels through multiple channels of communication.  By doing so, you’re increasing the reach and frequency of your brand’s message.  An integral component of cross media marketing is direct mail.  Direct mail offers a way to include personalized messages and new technology such as QR codes and personalized URLs; both of which assist to engage your target audience for longer time periods. 

Personalized messages can produce 55 to 60 percent more consumer responses over generic messages (source.)  To create and engage in personalized conversations with your target consumers it’s pertinent to keep an up-to-date customer database.  Using your database, Variable Data Printing and direct mail you’re able to send a message that breaks through the digital clutter and engages your audience.

To enhance your mailing and increase engagement with your recipient, include Quick Response codes or QR codes on your brand’s mailer.  By including a QR code you not only reap the benefits of longer engagement with your brand’s message, but you’re also able to include additional information about your product or service and QR codes offer the ability to measure and track who clicks through for more information and how long people choose to spend with particular content.

While QR codes allow you to track the results of the number of people who click through to your content and how long people spend with your information, pURLs actually allow you to identify who is clicking through and what they’re interested in.  This feature allows you to build your database, follow up with more relevant information, create personalized future mailings and messages and, finally, enables you to make a sale based on the information you gathered.

By integrating QR codes and personalized URLs with your direct mail piece you’re able to reap the benefits that print and digital offer you as a marketer.  Over 80 percent of recipients read and open their printed mailings and digital offers a high engagement rate and unique campaign tracking and measurement ability.

The power of cross media communication lies in your capability to create messages that are both personalized and coordinated with one another to ensure you’re creating and maintaining a consistent brand image throughout all of the touch points with your target audience.


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