The Importance of QR Code Landing Pages

A QR code is only as valuable as its landing page.  If the landing page of a 2D code takes too long to load, isn’t relevant or isn’t what was promised to the person scanning the code on the printed message, they’re most likely not going to spend any additional time with that landing page and your brand’s message.

How to ensure your landing page doesn’t take too long to load. When creating your landing page try to use a mobile-friendly version of your page.  Desktop websites are not ideal when looking at a tiny mobile screen.  Not only is the copy hard to read and almost always requires you to zoom in to read the text, it also takes more time to load and when the average user will only wait five seconds before moving onto something new, that’s not a risk you should be willing to take.

Make sure your content is what’s promised on the printed message.   When a user scans a QR code because the printed copy is offering a discounts, additional information or a video, make sure the landing page is a discount, additional information or the video that you promised.   It’s okay for your landing page to have other information besides what’s printed next to the QR code, but the main focus should be whatever you’re broadcasting on the printed piece.

Finally, QR codes allow the user to make a purchase directly from their phone and can collect consumer information by offering a newsletter or contest sign up that requires the user to give their contact information.  About one in five people who scan a code will ultimately make a purchase, it is because of this that your choice in a landing page needs to be well thought out and be as personalized as possible in order to get a purchase or a response to your call-to-action.


Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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