The Power of CRM Tools

CRM tools do more than just contribute to relevant consumer messages and more powerful marketing, they also allow for a business to run more efficiently.  Before this type of technology was available, information was easily lost — not just consumer demographics and buying habits, but actual orders and inquiries could get lost in the shuffle.

Customer Relationship Management tools help to ensure that the information you receive from your consumers is not only collected and stored, but stored in a way that it can be analyzed and used to prepare for a more targeted marketing campaign and quicker responses to any consumer inquiries in the future.

As we mentioned, having a streamlined communication system is not only about personalization, it’s also about efficiency and responding to consumer inquiries in a timely manner.  With today’s technology, the amount of time a consumer expects to be responded to continually decreases — even 24 hours is too long for some consumers who will have moved on to another brand by that time.  CRM tools allow you to develop and foster customer relationship by enabling your brand to have two-way dialogue, answer questions in real-time and show the customer their more than just a number or dollar sign to your brand.

For these reasons, having a strong consumer database and maintaining those brand-consumer relationships are integral to seeing a higher ROI in a marketing campaign. CRM is not just personalization, it truly is about building relationships that foster sales — ultimately increasing your revenue.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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