The Power of Personalized Print Marketing

Print can offer a marketer a number of advantages over digital media– tangibility, credibility, strong consumer engagement and it can be highly targeted.  While print in itself has the ability to break through the mass amount of emails, social media and text messages, personalized print marketing sees an even higher return on investments.

According to a U.S. Marketers Study that measured the results of campaigns that used personalized marketing found the following:

– 14 percent of marketers saw substantially higher ROI than with their usual, generic campaign.

– 34 percent of marketers reported personalized marketing as a highly effective and measurable form of marketing and would choose it over generic campaigns in the future.

– 7 percent of marketers reported that, while their ROI was not substantially increased, the personalized campaign did yield a higher response rate.  Of this group of marketers, about half believe that if they had more relevant information they would have received a substantially higher response.

Personalized marketing is only as strong as your customer database.  The need to continuously update your brand’s database will always be a pertinent process in the success of your personalized marketing campaign.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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