The Value of Cross Media Marketing

Print and digital media, when combined together to create a cross media marketing campaign can offer extremely high consumer response rates because of the increase in the reach and frequency of your brand’s message.  A Print Media study showed that over 60 percent of online brand searches were initiated due to a printed message — from direct mail to product packaging to newspaper advertisements.

Furthermore, when you integrate new technologies, such as QR codes and pURLs, you’re able to offer the recipient quicker, easier ways to continue engaging with your brand.

Through the use of databases, both your print and digital messages can be unique to small portions of your target audience.  Both the print and digital messages in your cross media marketing mix should complement each other.  Your print message can act to entice the recipient — offering just enough information to make your target audience want to engage further with your brand’s messages.

Using a QR code you can offer an easy way for your consumer to transfer from your printed piece to your digital message for more information.  QR Code Research Studies show that one of the main reasons a consumer will scan a code is because they desire more information about your brand, product or service.

When print and digital media are combined together, they create multiple touch points with your audience, increasing its reach and frequency.  By communicating with your target audience through multiple channels, you can ensure that your message is being heard.  With print offering a higher read and open rate and digital offering a high consumer engagement rate, you can expect to see more consumer responses and, ultimately, a higher return on your marketing investments.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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