The Value of Interactive Print

QR codes, or Quick Response codes, enable a consumer to be easily transferred from a brand’s printed message to its digital message.  By simply scanning the 2-dimensional bar code, the user is engaged in an interactive message.  Once on the landing page, what content the users clicks and the amount of time spent with each piece of information can be recorded and used to create a more personalized and relevant follow up for the consumer — ultimately increasing your response rate and ROI.

There are a few ways to maximize the response and engagement rate of your printed pieces that include QR codes.

First, and most importantly, your content is king. Make sure that the QR code’s landing page message is worth the time the user took to scan the code, visit your digital page and engage with your brand’s message.  Be sure your code has a clearly defined benefit.  The QR code could instantly download your contact information or navigation to your place of business, download a special offer or discount to their phone or even an entertaining or informational video.  Additionally, your digital content should have a similar message as your printed message.

Create a mobile-friendly landing page.  Your content could be great, but if it is hard for the user to navigate, their engagement will drop considerably.  On average, a user will only wait five to seven seconds for your mobile content to load before moving on to another webpage.  Because desktop pages are larger, they will likely take longer to load on a mobile phone, whereas mobile pages are specifically designed to be easy to navigate and the content will download quickly to maintain the user’s interest.

Give the user easy access to more information on your product or service.Studies have shown that information is the second most common reason someone will scan a QR code — special offers and discounts being the number one reason someone will scan a code.  The information can be anything from a list of additional product features to a video demonstrating your product or service.

Finally, get creative with the design. In general, QR codes have a 30 percent displacement rate.  Meaning that 70 percent of the bar code needs to be untouched in order for the code to scan and work properly, but approximately 30 percent can be left to your creative mind – giving you the flexibility to incorporate your logo into the code.

Interactive print can help to increase consumer engagement with your brand and ultimately lead to a higher response rate.  Are you including QR codes in your marketing mix?

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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