The Value of Print Marketing

As digital media grows, print media continues to evolve with it – from variable data printing to interactive print such as QR codes, Augmented Reality and personalized URLs – print communications are growing with a most unlikely ally, digital media.

As we continue into the year, print and digital media work together to support one another by creating personalized messages that reach your target audience through multiple touch points – ultimately increasing your brand’s reach and frequency.

Quick Response codes and personalized URLs are two of the technologies that help to bridge the gap between your printed message and your online communications.  Including QR codes on product packages, flyers, brochures and direct mailers instantly creates interactive communication between your brand and your consumers.  Not only, does it increase engagement it also allows you to track what content is most viewed by your audience and then use that information to create more relevant campaign messages in the future.

Similar to QR codes, Personalized URLs are extremely measurable and enable you to not only record what content is most popular, but also note exactly who is interested in what type of content.  By collecting this information you can create more personalized messages in the future to specific members of your core audience.

Direct mail is a wonderful tool to use to offer individualized content.  With database technology and Variable Data Printing each of your brand’s mailers can be fitted to the recipient’s needs.  By doing so you’re able to increase your response rates and ultimately increase your ROI.

Finally, with email inboxes filling up with branded messages and a banner ad on almost every website, consumers are becoming numb to some forms of digital communication – print messages help to break through this digital clutter and command their attention.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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