The Value of Social Media in Your Marketing Mix

Including multiple touch points in your marketing mix will allow you to increase both the reach and the frequency of your message.  We have discussed the value of including print in your cross media marketing mix — from it’s ability to break through the digital clutter to over 80 percent of people reading or skimming their direct mail — but, today we’re going to discuss another form of marketing that should be included in your cross media marketing mix — social media, specifically, Twitter.

Only about half of CEOs have reported that they use social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, for business.  But, over 80 percent of the consumers and employees surveyed in the Social Media Today survey, believe that CEOs who participate in social media are better equipped to lead their companies and organizations.

Using social media and print can go hand-in-hand.  Through the use of QR codes you can have your consumers easily brought to the mobile-landing page of your Twitter account — helping to grow your following and offering a new way of communicating with your audience once they choose to follow your Twitter feed.  Additionally, using your Twitter feed you can lead people to your website, your store, or tell them to be on-the-lookout for a direct mailing with a special offer.

Check out the facts regarding how consumers are using Twitter and why social media should be included in your marketing mix.


Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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